Zhilkishbayeva Gulnaz, Utebay Oralbay, Varchenko Evgeny

Sh.Yessenov Caspian state university of technology and engineering,

Аktau, Kazakhstan


Аbstract. The use of artificial intelligence will inevitably lead to a leap in the production, transmission and storage of information and changes in its characteristics. Information security will also have new characteristics. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in the field of information security, especially in defense and attack. The speed of development and change of cyberspace in the last 3-5 years is surprising not only for inexperienced users, but also for reputable specialists in the field of IT and information security. Not only in the volume of data processed, the number of devices or applications and services connected to the Internet, but also in the concepts and technologies themselves, comprehensive digitalization and the transition of most businesses to online mode have contributed to the exponential development. The pandemic only accelerated this process. This speed is due, among other things, to the creation of new technologies and new, more advanced tools, which lead to further acceleration of the creation of new technologies and tools. The widespread use of high-level and ultra-high-level programming languages, powerful frameworks and development environments, the development of cloud infrastructure and virtualization and containerization technologies make it possible to #8220;build#8221; a new application in an unprecedentedly short time. Cyber ​​threats are multiplying at the same rate as attackers use the same highly effective development tools, but for their own purposes. This raises the level of cyber countermeasures to a new level: if earlier the conflict with intruders could be described as a battle of minds and adapted means of information protection, now it can be called a full-fledged #8220;war of machines#8221;. what artificial cyber intelligence is fighting.



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ysj DOI number 10.56525/QSRQ6093