Edilkhan Alazhan Medelovich

the history and the field of breast value #8220;The best local historian of Kazakhstan#8221;

Yeshmanova Gulmira Kuralbaykyzy

PhD doctoral student Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University

Caspian University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh. Yesenov

Aktau, Kazakhstan


Abstract. The article describes the relief marks located along Mangystau and Ustyurt. That is, the hunting traditions of our ancient ancestors are revealed as a result of exhaustive research of Arans. The accelerated and large-scale development of the mineral resources of the Caspian Sea and the coastal territory creates an inevitable threat of disruption of the fragile balance of the natural environment, especially in its eastern part. The development of environmental management rules, the search for ways to prevent possible environmental disasters also involves the study of paleoeconomics and paleoecology of the region. Careful attitude to the environment, the ability to use the economic potential of habitats without disturbing the natural balance, were also characteristic of the ancient inhabitants of the Mangystau region. One of the evidences of this is the ancient stationary hunting facilities.


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ysj DOI number 10.56525/OPDS2594