Kamarova N. S.,

Sh.Yessenov Caspian state university of technology and engineering,

Аktau, Kazakhstan


Abstract. This article is concerned with the peculiarity of classic poet Maktymkuly`s poetry. There compared thoughts and images between Maktymkuly`s poetry and Abai`s, Magzhan`s songs. Translated into many languages Maktymkuly`s poetry is enriched by folklore interrelated with popular wisdom has great importance. Neighbouring Kazakhs are familiar with the Maktymkuly` heritage long before. Long ago spread orally Maktumkuly`s poetry was published during Soviet times. As it is said in the article famous poets as G. Ormanov, G. Kairbekov, D. Kanatbayev, S. Nurzhan translated Maktumkuly`s words into Kazakh. They analyze his songs about life, humanity, civic spirit. Poet`s songs full of philosophy spread among people turned into edification make more precise of value Maktumkuly`s heritage.

This article was prepared within the framework of the project “Author’s oral poetry of the Turkic peoples: genesis, typology, poetics” under grant funding from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2022-2024. (IRN АР 14869710)

Key words: Turkmen literature, Maktumkuly Fraggi, viable songs, Maktymkuly and Abai, Maktymkuly and Magzhan, translation of Maktymkuly`s songs.